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2 Engagements under SSARS
3 Prospective Financial Statements
5 Engagements Under Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book) (Excluding Single Audit Act (A-133) Engagements)
7 Audits of Federally Insured Depository Institutions subject to the FDICIA (with more than $500 million or greater in total assets at the beginning of its fiscal year)
9 Audits Under Statements on Auditing Standards
11 Other Attest Services Performed under SSAEs (Excluding Prospective Financial Statements)
13 Single Audit Act (A -133) Engagements Under Government Auditing Standards (Yellow Book)
14 Audits of Non-SEC Issuers under PCAOB Standards
16 Attestation of Non-SEC Issuers under PCAOB Standards
20 International Standards on Auditing, Assurance Engagements and Related Services (ISAs), and any other standards issued by the IAASB
30 Reviews of Financial Statements
40 Compilations of Financial Statements with Disclosures
45 Compilations of Financial Statements that Omit Substantially all Disclosures
50 Preparation of Financial Statements with Disclosures
55 Preparation of Financial Statements that Omit Substantially all Disclosures
312 Service Organizations (SOC 1 Reports)
313 Service Organizations (SOC 2 Reports)
314 Service Organizations (SOC 3 Reports)
900 Any types of engagements referenced above that would subject the accountant to SEC independence rules


110 Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry & Fishing
115 Airlines
120 Auto Dealerships
125 Banking
145 Casinos
150 Colleges and Universities
155 Common Interest Realty Associations
165 Construction Contractors
175 Credit Unions
180 Extractive Industries - Oil and Gas
185 Extractive Industries - Mining
186 Federal Student Financial Assistance Programs
190 Finance Companies
195 Franchisors
200 Property and Casualty Insurance Companies
205 Government Contractors
210 Health Maintenance Organizations
216 Hospitals
217 Nursing Homes
222 HUD Engagements Under the HUD Consolidated Audit Guide
230 Investment Companies and Mutual Funds
240 Life Insurance Companies
250 Mortgage Banking
260 Not-for-Profit Organizations (including voluntary health & welfare organizations)
268 Personal Financial Statements
295 Real Estate Investment Trusts
300 Reinsurance Companies
308 Rural Utilities Service Borrowers
310 Savings and Loan Associations
320 School Districts
325 State & Local Governments
330 Telephone Companies
335 Utilities
380 Defined Contribution Plans – Full & Ltd. Scope (excluding 403(b) plans)
383 Defined Contribution Plans – Full & Ltd. Scope (403(b) plans only)
390 Defined Benefit Plans - Full & Ltd Scope
400 ERISA Heath & Welfare Plans
403 ESOP Plans
405 Other ERISA Plans
440 Carrying Broker-Dealers
450 Non-Carrying Broker-Dealers
901 Other
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